Cancer Treatment

Maa Kaamal Hospital is the unique cancer management center in Gujarat which provides palliative and rehabilitative cancer care for utmost all types of cancers with result oriented scientific alternative treatment methods.

What is Holistic Panchgavya Cancer Treatment?

Holistic means “Over all”. This method of treatment is dealing with Soul, Mind, Emotions and finally Body. It is one of the best non invasive treatments helping patient to recover from the physical illness.

Uncontrolled growth of cancerous cells is prevented and further damage is stopped with this miraculous therapy. Pranayam, Counselling, Panchgavya, Antioxidant diet and anti cancer herbs are used to heal the patient. Motive of this therapy is to provide palliative care to the cancer patient.

Advantages of this treatment:

Following are some the major advantages of holistic panchgavya cancer therapy:

  • It naturally repairs cancer cells and stops further spreading.
  • It has no side effect.
  • It is affordable treatment.
  • Chances of recurrence of cancer reduces at great extent.
  • It is 100% natural & scientific cancer therapy

Holistic Therapy Vs. Allopathic Treatment

Chemotherapy, Radio therapy and surgical removal of cancer tumor are common allopathic treatments of cancer which are definitely very effective in modern practice of medical science but there are following limitations of these therapies.

  • Cost is unaffordable to average Indian.
  • Severe side effects.
  • Possibilities of recurrence (Regeneration of Cancer)
  • Treatment of cancer leads new form of cancer in future

Due to these limitations the Holistic Panchgavya Cancer Treatment has an edge over allopathic treatment.

Principles of Holistic Panchgavya Therapy

Following are the major three principles on which holistic therapy works:

  • Cleansing of Soul with the mean of Spirituality
  • Mann chikitsa and Prann chikitsa for Emotional and Mental causes
  • Amrut Chikitsa for Physical illness

The therapy is designed by Dr. Anilkesar Gohil who is ideologist, comprehensive evaluator and intellectually devotee to spirituality. The concept is having 3 elements via Prann Chikitsa, Mann Chikitsa and Amrut Chikitsa.